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Designer Skin Tanning Lotion – All You Need Is in Single Brand

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Some of you might think it is a daunting task to find out the best tanning lotion with a number of lists outside. We have many, so many brands that put us on dizziness. Luckily, the Designer skin tanning lotion is one of the most wanted brands by women which is really respected for the quality. They even have all variants you need, so it is easy for you to look for what you are going to buy at the party.

What Makes People Love Designer Skin Tanning Lotion?

It is a premium product that has many advantages for you, girls. The brand seems to cover all of you need that it contains soft celestial stardust to create a golden brown color without leaving dryness. The ingredients also boost the production of melanin so you can get tanning effect in just minutes. However, if you have a very pale skin type, sunbathing is a wise option for maximum result. Do it 15 minutes or 30 minutes long.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about the tattoo on the body since the ingredients are safe with its anti-fade features. Additionally, the brand features extreme protection from UV rays. In short, you can read the following Designer skin tanning lotion 2017.

Best Designer Skin Tanning Lotion

Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer

You now can get a tan skin quickly with this product variant. The bronzer delivers great result without spending too much time under the sun. The product helps your skin produce the natural tan while improving the skin health. It is also good for all skin type with a nice scent. However, the item is a bit expensive as this is a deluxe product recommended in the most salon. But it is worthy to each result.

Overall, there is a great main feature you should know about this variant:

L.E.D complex that has the ability to filter lights and remove all the radicals that are harmful to your skin. So, you are not only getting a tanned skin, but also a healthy skin tone as well.

Designer Skin Ruby Body Bronzer

The Designer SkinRuby Body Bronzer will give your sun-kissed look with its exotic ingredients. The product includes the capsaicin for giving you tingling experience. The licorice will smoothen skin while feeling cool during sunbathing.

The Designer lotion also gives you melanin technology to give you deeper tan and more natural look. Additionally, it contains another natural ingredient like hemp seed oil, aloe vera and also erythrulose. This is cool for you who want to experience deluxe treatment like in the salon but you can do it at home.

Designer Skin Phoenician

This is another excellent variant that features Opti-Glow Blend that will smoothen your skin. The lotion works well on the skin and lets it tan quickly with its Mega Melamax Optimizing Complex to produce darker skin. The lotion also keeps your skin stay hydrated and healthy and you can use it daily.

The Designer skin tanning lotion variants might be a bit expensive for some people, but if you wish a good looking skin with a natural tan, you will realize the money you spend is more than a worthy.